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19.06.2020 - image test lab and metsamor observatory

Welcome to the June 2020 issue of the StarCluster newsletter! As promised, from time to time we will bring you to less known places with strong connections to the astronomy. In this issue we will bring you to an ancient place in Armenia - one of the oldest sites in the world with a connection to the skies. However firstly we will start with some news from the StarCluster project...

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23.05.2020 - introducing StarBrushâ„¢

Welcome to the second issue of our newsletter. Let us start with some news this time. A couple of days ago we announced the name of our first application that's being worked on - StartBrushâ„¢...

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24.04.2020 - about the StarCluster project

This is the first newsletter of the StarCluster project. Thank you for subscribing to our mailing list. Here we will try to inform you regularly about the progress of the StartCluster project, ask you for feedback and occasionally (or often) for your help, and share stories and ideas we find interesting or important.

The astronomy community of today deserves better, easier to use, more intuitive, more powerful and much more fun tools specifically crafted for varying Apple platforms: desktop or laptop, iPad, iPhone, and even the Apple watch and the Apple TV...

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