building astronomical software for the 21st century

Tuparev Technologies have gathered a small team of professional and amateur astronomers who are also experienced macOS and iOS developers, some of the best designers, and very experienced astronomers bursting with ideas about what the future of astronomical computing should be like. Together, we want to create astronomy tools for the 21st century. These tools will include the following:

∙ image capturing and processing;

∙ control and robotisation of astronomical instruments;

∙ storage, analysis, and distribution of astronomical data in the cloud;

∙ real-world use in modern astronomy and space-science research labs but also in advanced amateur observatories, schools, and public outreach spaces; and

∙ a multilingual platform to bring all lovers of the night skies and outer space together.


19.05.2020 - announcing StarBrush™


Astro imaging and data processing is a corner stone of modern astronomy. Most astronomical images, tables, astrometry and spectral data and catalogues are stored in FITS format. This is true for images produced by ground based telescopes, as well as satellites and radio astronomy instruments. Therefore our team's first task is to build solid image processing tools.

The team at Tuparev Technologies is now revealing that our first application will be called StarBrush™. With StarBrush we aim to bring modern astronomical imaging to everyone. Whether you're a professional astronomer, an amateur, a student or just a lover of the night skies.

∙ StarBrush will handle any astronomical data: 2D images, spectroscopic data, data generated by radio observatories, multi-dimensional colour images and sky surveys, astronomical tables and catalogues;

∙ StarBrush will allow you to calibrate your images by building image pipelines of any complexity and help you to perform a myriad of image analysis tools and support your research in fields such as astrometry, photometry, and spectroscopy;

∙ StarBrush will work on macOS, iOS, and in the Cloud;

∙ Finally, StarBrush will allow you to automate your nightly image processing tasks;